AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2012-12-01digital/ucoolib/build: fix missing $(OBJDIR) dependancyNicolas Schodet
2012-12-01digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/arch: add arch_initNicolas Schodet
2012-12-01digital/ucoolib/build: update srec and bin files if presentNicolas Schodet
This is done to avoid programming an outdated file by mistake.
2012-12-01digital/ucoolib/build: default to build lst fileNicolas Schodet
Also change LST command message.
2012-12-01digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/arch: add newlib syscallsNicolas Schodet
Minimal implementation on minimal system.
2012-11-30digital/io-hub: PCB small fixesNicolas Schodet
- add some vias, - add connector names silk.
2012-11-30digital/io-hub: routing doneBaptiste Perraudin
2012-11-30digital/io-hub: add new STM32F4 based io-hub boardNicolas Schodet
This is a work in progress, before routing.
2012-11-25tools/eagle/lbr: fix missing package for quartz deviceNicolas Schodet
2012-11-24tools/eagle/lbr: change pin spacing to meet 8 mils DRCNicolas Schodet
2012-11-24tools/eagle/lbr: add crystal library with ABM3 & ABM7Nicolas Schodet
2012-11-02digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/hal/usb: add UsbStreamNicolas Schodet
2012-11-02digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/intf: add Stream::pollNicolas Schodet
2012-11-02digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/intf: default to blocking StreamNicolas Schodet
2012-10-29tools/eagle/lbr: update transistor libraryFlorent Duchon
2012-10-29tools/eagle/lbr: add Zigbit libraryFlorent Duchon
2012-10-29tools/eagle/lbr : add apbteam_level_translator libraryFlorent Duchon
2012-10-27digital/io-hub: add short transient output toggleNicolas Schodet
2012-10-24digital/ucoolib/build: add instructions to help user to build using libopencm3Nicolas Schodet
2012-10-22digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/intf: move constructor as protectedNicolas Schodet
As Stream is an abstract class, forbid direct construction.
2012-10-22.gitignore: ignore stm32f4 generated filesNicolas Schodet
2012-10-22digital/ucoolib/build: fix spurious config build because of unwanted spaceNicolas Schodet
2012-10-22digital/ucoolib/lib: add apbteam/libopencm3 submoduleNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/hal/uart: add module skeletonNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib/ucoolib: add common headerNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/intf: add stream interfaceNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib/ucoolib/arch: define light __cxa_pure_virtualNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib: add binary files buildNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib: add build time configuration systemNicolas Schodet
2012-10-21digital/ucoolib: add ucoolib build system and basic arch moduleNicolas Schodet
2012-10-20tools/vim/plugin: change C++ specific optionsNicolas Schodet
A new project is the right time to simplify indentation rules so that less capable editors still have a chance to do it right.
2012-10-06digital/cms-intro: add tutorialsNicolas Schodet
2012-10-06tools/eagle/lbr: add STM32F4, 64 & 100 pins packagesNicolas Schodet
2012-09-30host/simu: add Eurobot 2013 tableNicolas Schodet
2012-09-30host/simu/inter: scale widthNicolas Schodet
2012-09-29eurobot/2013: new Eurobot rulesNicolas Schodet
2012-06-21admin/logo: add 2012 logoNicolas Schodet
2012-06-14digital/avr/modules: change deprecated signal namesNicolas Schodet
2012-06-14digital/avr/modules/adc: use ADC instead of deprecated ADCWNicolas Schodet
2012-06-14digital/asserv, digital/mimot: remove unused variableNicolas Schodet
2012-06-14digital/asserv/src/asserv: fix bad parameter parsingNicolas Schodet
2012-06-14all: link with -lm when neededNicolas Schodet
2012-06-14digital/avr/modules/uart: fix cpp warningNicolas Schodet
2012-06-12digital/ai/src/utils: fix link error with old programsNicolas Schodet
2012-06-09digital/io-hub, host/simu: add strat scores as debug drawNicolas Schodet
2012-06-09host/simu/inter: add text drawing primitiveNicolas Schodet
2012-06-03digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: update decode_fsm scriptNicolas Schodet
2012-06-02digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: disable beaconidf-2012Nicolas Schodet
2012-06-02digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: use more logger bufferNicolas Schodet
2012-06-02digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: remove verbose obstacle debugNicolas Schodet