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+ Electronic architecture
+ Input/Output board. It acquires information from sensors (switches, IR
+ distance detectors, color sensors...) and it controls actuators (servo
+ motors, auxiliary motors...).
+ The main component is an AVR, surrounded by many connectors.
+ Artificial intelligence board, may optionally be merged with IO board. It
+ runs the robot automaton and decision algorithms.
+ The main component is an AVR, as the board is the same as the IO one. It
+ contains a flash memory to record the decisions taken by the robot.
+ Motor control board. Run the algorithms to control robot movement and
+ position.
+ An AVR runs the control logic, and a programmable logic component (an
+ XC9572, a CPLD from Xilinx) computes the encoders positions.
+Motor Power:
+ It applies consigns from the Asserv board to the motors. An AVR is
+ responsible to control the current sunk in the motors and a owned-built
+ H-bridge drive the power.
+ High level communication bus between boards. The AI board is the master
+ of this bus.
+ The motor power board is connected using a serial high speed bus.
+ Pulse Width Modulation used to drive the motors.
+ Raw signal given by the encoders to determine rotation steps and direction.
+ Used to program the AVR microcontrollers.
+ Used for in circuit debugging.
+ Used for debug control and diagnostic messages.
+ Used to program the CPLD.