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+ dev2 - Multi-purpose development board using USB and Ethernet
+USB connection
+As there is no driver for the dev2 board in the kernel and there is not enough
+USB end points in the AT90USB162 to implement a ACM class device with two
+serial ports, you should load the generic serial driver:
+ modprobe usbserial vendor=0x03eb product=0x204e
+Then look at kernel messages to locate the new serial devices (/dev/ttyUSBx).
+Controlling the output
+The board can be controlled using the program which uses libusb.
+Use it to select an output.
+You can also use it to deselect an output so that no current flows into it.
+It can also be used to control GPIO when available in the loaded firmware.
+About the vendor and product ID
+They come from LUFA, the USB library we use for dev2. This is not supposed to
+be done in a commercial USB product, but this is OK for hobbyists. That's why
+dev2ctl parses the product name to make sure it talks to the right device.