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// first suitable network that they discover.
-// 64-bit Unique Identifier (UID) determining the device extended address. If this
-// value is 0 stack will try to read hardware UID from external UID or EEPROM chip.
-// at startup. Location of hardware UID is platform dependend and it may not be
-// available on all platforms. If the latter case then UID value must be provided
-// by user via this parameter. This parameter must be unique for each device in a
-// network.
-// Specifies short (network) address if CS_NWK_UNIQUE_ADDR equals 1
-// If static addressing is applied the stack uses the value of the parameter as a
-// short address. Otherwise, the stack assigns the parameter to a randomly chosen
-// value unique within the network. In both cases after the network start the
-// parameter holds actual short address of the device. While the device is in the
-// network its value must not be changed.
-#ifdef LOL_NUMBER_0
- #define CS_UID 0x1LL
- #define CS_NWK_ADDR 0x0000
- #define TYPE_COOR
-#elif LOL_NUMBER_1
- #define CS_UID 0x1LL
- #define CS_NWK_ADDR 0x0001
- #define TYPE_END
-#elif LOL_NUMBER_2
- #define CS_UID 0x2LL
- #define CS_NWK_ADDR 0x0002
- #define TYPE_END
-#elif LOL_NUMBER_3
- #define CS_UID 0x3LL
- #define CS_NWK_ADDR 0x0003
- #define TYPE_END
// The maximum number of direct children that a given device (the coordinator or a
// router) can have.