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+ motor/pos_control module
+:Author: Nicolas Schodet
+This module provides position control, usually for a DC motor. Given a
+position consign, it will adjust output power so that the measured position
+matches the consign. There is no speed control, this is handled by another
+The `pos_control_t` structure contains both current control state and control
+parameters. The `kp`, `kd` and `ki` parameters are the PID coefficients,
+using a fixed point representation. The `e_sat`, `i_sat` and `d_sat` are the
+maximum values for error, integral and differential values. They must be
+adapted so that PID computation does not overflow. See the
+`pos_control_compute_pid` function comments for guidelines to choose those
+The `cur` field is updated by this module with the current position. The
+`cons` field must be written by user to set the position consign. This module
+will try to make the current position matches the consign position.
+.. include:: pos_control.exd