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* tools/trace: (Closes #67)
* Document how to have the options available. * Improve options explanation.
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@@ -12,22 +12,7 @@ Use
The trace tool is divided in two parts, the one which generate the enumerator
and the one which interpret the memory data to print it on screen.
-To generate the enumerator
-python create [Options] <file in>
- * -e <enum_id> : enumerator identifier for the source files.
- * -o <outfile> : The output file to write the enumerator.
-To interpret the memory data
-python inter <file in>
-The interpreted data is directly print on the std output.
+python -h to have all the possibilities.
Trace definition file
diff --git a/tools/trace/ b/tools/trace/
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--- a/tools/trace/
+++ b/tools/trace/
@@ -6,21 +6,25 @@ sys.path.append ('../../host/')
from tcreator.tcreator import *
from tinter.tinter import *
+INTER_MODE=" (only available on interpretor mode)."
+CREATE_MODE=" (only available on create mode)."
print "Trace System v1.0 by APBTeam\n"
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option("-e", "--enum-name", dest="enum_name",
- help="provide the enumerator name", metavar="ENUM")
+ help="provide the enumerator name" + CREATE_MODE,
+ metavar="ENUM")
parser.add_option("-o", "--output", dest="outfile",
- help="Store the eunerator on the output file")
+ help="Store the enumerator on the output file" + CREATE_MODE)
parser.add_option("-i", "--infile", dest="infile",
help="Read the data from the file")
parser.add_option("-t", "--type", dest="type",
help="create to create the enumeration, inter to read the log from the flash.")
parser.add_option("-l", "--list", dest="list_trace", action="store_true",
- help="List the number of the traces.")
+ help="List the number of the traces" + INTER_MODE)
parser.add_option("-n", "--num", type="int", dest="trace",
- help="Dump the trace num provided, only used in inter mode.")
+ help="Dump the trace number provided" + INTER_MODE)
[options, args] = parser.parse_args()