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How to use the development card
-:Author: djerem
+:Author: djerem, ni
-This board is deprecated, see README file.
+*This board is deprecated, see README file.*
@@ -62,3 +62,24 @@ Voodoo power should not be used any more:
``sudo usbprog device 0 upload blinkdemo devices``, the card is ready to
be used for programming.
+Firmware update mode
+Firmware update mode can be selected:
+ - on the first board revision (dev) by shorting PA1 to 0 when booting. You
+ can use the JTAG_PRG1 to do this. Warning, name position in PCB is
+ misleading.
+ - on the second board revision (dev-2) by shorting PA7 to 0 when booting.
+ You can do this using the USER connector.
+CPLD programming
+Use Firmware update mode to upload the ``usbprog_apbteam_xsvf.bin`` firmware.
+It has been tuned to work with our JTAG pin out.
+You can afterward load a XSVF file using ``xsvfplayer`` from the USBProg
+repository. Warning: you will probably need super user privileges.