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1 files changed, 11 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/i/pc104/initrd/conf/ b/i/pc104/initrd/conf/
index b06057c..4a76956 100755
--- a/i/pc104/initrd/conf/
+++ b/i/pc104/initrd/conf/
@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ ifconfig eth0 up
# Get the configuration of the network via dhcp
udhcpc -i eth0 -s /etc/udhcpc.script
# Wait here for a connection. I do not know if it is a feature or a bug, but
-# when nc receive a connection, it is end here.
+# when nc receive a connection, it is end here. Maybe it is because of the
+# missing library (warmed by gcc at compiled time)
nc -l -p 1234
# Mount the real system
@@ -19,15 +20,18 @@ mount /mnt/localsys
# XXX It is a good idea to pivot_root ? Chroot is better ?
cd /mnt/localsys
pivot_root . old_root
-exec chroot . sh <dev/console >dev/console 2>&1
+# FIXME: I do not sure this is the good solution... Why make a exec and a
+# chroot ? I am not sure it is a good idea...
+exec chroot . sh -c '/etc/init.d/mountvirtfs; /etc/init.d/ssh start;' \
+<dev/console >dev/console 2>&1
# This part sux : what's about the old process ?
# Kill them ?
-umount /old_root
+#umount /old_root
# We should call all the script
# TODO : find a better way to call it.
-/etc/init.d/mountvirtfs start
-/etc/init.d/ start
-/etc/init.d/networking start
-/etc/init.d/ssh start
+#/etc/init.d/mountvirtfs start
+##/etc/init.d/ start
+#/etc/init.d/networking start
+#/etc/init.d/ssh start
# XXX And for the end ?
# The FS has enough errors so do it well ! Umount everything !