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diff --git a/i/marvin/src/asserv/asserv.hh b/i/marvin/src/asserv/asserv.hh
index 86cbb23..5f59084 100644
--- a/i/marvin/src/asserv/asserv.hh
+++ b/i/marvin/src/asserv/asserv.hh
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ class Asserv : public Proto::Receiver
int footing_;
int tAccel_, aAccel_;
- int tMaxSpeed_, aMaxSpeed_;
+ int tMaxSpeed_, aMaxSpeed_, tMaxSpeedSlow_, aMaxSpeedSlow_;
int tkp_, tki_, tkd_, akp_, aki_, akd_, esat_, isat_;
bool lInvertPwm_, rInvertPwm_;
double stepPerMm_;
@@ -73,13 +73,13 @@ class Asserv : public Proto::Receiver
/// Reset the board and send parameters.
void reset (void);
/// Set PWM.
- void setPwm (int l, int r);
+ void pwm (int l, int r);
/// Position consign offset.
- void positionOffset (double t, double a);
+ void offset (double t, double a);
/// Set speed.
- void setSpeed (int t, int a);
+ void speed (int t, int a);
/// Speed controlled position consign offset.
- void setSpeedControlled (double t, double a, int seq);
+ void speedTo (double t, double a, int seq);
/// Find a hole.
void findHole (int seq);
/// Acknoledge.
@@ -105,13 +105,13 @@ class Asserv : public Proto::Receiver
/// Set current y position.
void setYPos (double y);
/// Set current angle.
- void setAPos (double a);
+ void setAngle (double a);
/// Set footing.
void setFooting (int f);
/// Set acceleration.
void setAccel (int t, int a);
/// Set maximum speed for automatic movements.
- void setMaxSpeed (int t, int a);
+ void setMaxSpeed (int t, int a, int ts, int as);
/// Set motor control coeficients.
void setCoef (int tkp, int tki, int tkd, int akp, int aki, int akd,
int esat, int isat);