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2005-01-18Mises à jour au Muxenschodet
2004-12-20Added :prot
- specialized coefs for linefol - protocol for changing these coefs ('I') - protocol for pid components stats ('C')
2004-12-20Adding coefs which are specific to linefol modeprot
2004-12-19asservissement vitesseschodet
tests chez nico
2004-12-19Added support for plotting p, i, and d components of the calculated pidprot
2004-12-16Corrected calculation of linepos (division by zero)prot
Doubled range of linepos (from -31 to +31)
2004-12-12Added protocol for mode 3 and 4prot
Renaming variables -> Quite good for test !
2004-12-11Making interface with linesensor.cprot
2004-12-11Added : init, poll and poll_humanprot
2004-12-10Adding pid for linefol mode.prot
(Still under work)
2004-12-09First draftprot
2004-12-09Importing files from n/asservprot