BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev2dev2: handle RESET signalNicolas Schodet6 years
masterAdd support for STM32F446x family.Gareth McMullin6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-31Add support for STM32F446x family.HEADmasterGareth McMullin
2015-07-31Merge pull request #93 from richardeoin/stm_bugfixGareth McMullin
2015-07-30Refactor stm32f1_probeRichard Meadows
2015-07-12[Bugfix] stm32f1_probe would always return true, breaking support for all oth...Richard Meadows
2015-06-29Merge pull request #92 from maknoll/masterGareth McMullin
2015-06-22flashstub: Stubs need to run on different targets. Compile for M0.Uwe Bonnes
2015-06-22STM32f0: F07 and F09 have 2kiByte blocksize.Uwe Bonnes
2015-06-22src/stm32f1.c: More verbose FO detection message.Uwe Bonnes
2015-05-19Merge pull request #87 from gsmcmullin/new_flashGareth McMullin
2015-04-21lmi: Use registers for stub parameters.Gareth McMullin