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2009-03-26tools/trace/doc: Compute the time required to trace insert a trace in theNélio Laranjeiro
flash memory.
2009-03-06tools/trace: Ended the interpretor part of the trace tool.Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-02-23tools/vim/plugin/apbteam: Added extra whitespace error for the python file.Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-02-09 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- changed tabs to spaces.
2009-02-02tools/vim/plugin: Added a function to configure vim for python scripts.Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-02-02tools/trace:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Change python indentation. * Added a stop condition on reading traces.
2009-01-28tools/trace: Interpretation of the memory flash data done. (Closes #59).Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-01-05 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added 1117 voltage regulator.
2008-12-10 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added AT90USB and Microchip-ENC28J60 libraries. - reduced pad size to match Olimex DRC.
2008-12-10 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added MAGJack library with fixed layers.
2008-12-08 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added cristals library.
2008-11-23tools/trace: Added the documentation part.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-11-23tools/trace: First version of the trace creator parser source file.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-06-17 * tools/extractdoc:Nicolas Schodet
- added extracdoc tool. * digital/avr/make: - added support for extractdoc ad reStructuredText documentation.
2008-04-22 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added support for states and events names in C output.
2008-03-26 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added generic states template.
2008-03-25 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed warning in doc. - fixed missing newline. - added use of non default templates. - added warning about parser.g. - removed .orig file when patching.
2008-03-17 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added dfagen.
2008-03-04 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added polyswitch library with larger drill holes.
2008-03-01 * digital/dev/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- larger drill holes for the jack connector.
2008-02-27 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added phoenix 3.81 library.
2008-02-26 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added a wider package.
2008-02-26 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed 4066 control pin polarity.
2008-01-29This script creates a 1/4 europ board with APBTeam standard :Pierre Prot
- dimensions - planes - holes To be run in the brd
2008-01-28 * tools/vim:Nicolas Schodet
2008-01-28 * tools/vim:Nicolas Schodet
- added APBTeam vim setup and tools.
2008-01-02(no commit message)Pierre Prot
2007-12-13 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added logic devices library.
2007-12-08 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added voltage regulators library.
2007-12-05 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added SPI flashes library.
2007-11-20 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added side entry MicroMaTch connectors.
2007-11-16 * tools/quality/elec:Nicolas Schodet
- added precise board dimensions.
2007-11-06 * tools/eagle:Nicolas Schodet
- added Olimex 10mils design rules.
2007-09-09Added HE14 connectors library and device creation ULP script.Nicolas Schodet
Some Xilinx CPLD library fixes.
2007-08-24Added PCB design document.Nicolas Schodet
2007-08-06Added Xilinx CPLD XC9572 PLCC44.Nicolas Schodet
2007-08-06Added MicroMaTch connector with SMD versions.Nicolas Schodet
2007-07-30Added development tree quality manual.Nicolas Schodet
2007-07-30Added guidelines to use SVK with the SVN repository.Nicolas Schodet