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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2011-05-02digital/io: adapt FSM to new FSM system (AngFSM)Jérôme Jutteau
2010-05-29digital/io/src: add tryout on blocking detectionNicolas Schodet
2010-05-29digital/io/src: add more blocking handling and timeoutNicolas Schodet
2010-05-15digital/io/src: try to unblock, but give up if loader always blockedNicolas Schodet
2010-05-14digital/io/src: give up if path obstructed several timesNicolas Schodet
2010-05-14digital/io/src: handle loader blockingNicolas Schodet
2010-05-14digital/io/src: control rotation in move FSMNicolas Schodet
2010-04-13digital/io/src: update move FSMNicolas Schodet
Update branch names. Fix FSM lock up when no path found on FSM state. Fix FSM lock up when obstacle found and was going to final destination.
2010-04-07digital/io: forget sharpsNicolas Schodet
2010-04-01digital/io/src: use one FSM with several active states, closes #83Nicolas Schodet
2009-05-21 * digital/io/src:Jérémy Dufour
- rewrite move FSM.
2009-05-20 * digital/io/src:Jérémy Dufour
- support backward parameter for the asserv_goto, - enhance to avoid static obstacle, - add center circle of the playground table.
2009-05-08 * digital/io:Nicolas Schodet
- added fsm timeout handling.
2008-05-03 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
* top FSM - change the position where to drop balls at the gutter (to prevent the order of dropped balls to change) ; - change the order of balls taken at the distributor: first two samples with three ice, then three samples with two ice. * get samples FSM - manage the case where the arm passed the noted position in the state where it should not (because the arm was blocked) ; - add some debug messages. * gutter FSM - reduce the time spent to drop the balls at the gutter. * move FSM - update the algorithm to avoid obstacle: when a obstacle is seen, first way, then if it is not present anymore continue, otherwise, try to find an alternative path; if none found, wait again. * chrono - near end of the match time increased to 83s.
2008-05-01 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- enhance move FSM with support to stop when there is no valid path found to avoid the obstacle ; - add a flag to be notified from the main loop after a certain amount of time.
2008-04-30 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- rewrite the move FSM ; - integrate it into the main loop with the sharp and path module.
2008-04-27move.fsm: Update the fsm to use the path finder.Nélio Laranjeiro
* update the events in the main.c file. * update the move_cb.c * added some constants.
2008-04-22move.fsm: Update the move.fsm to add virtual events.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-04-22move.fsm : update the fsm, when block on a movement try the opposite Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-04-22move.fsm: add an event to compute the position of the robot and take the Nélio Laranjeiro
decision to go on the left or on the right.
2008-04-21move.fsm : remove condition on the failed transitions.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-04-21move.fsm : upfate the fsm to have an event by physical captor.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-04-17Replaced the END state and the START state by a single state IDLE.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-04-08Tested the move FSM machine.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-04-04Added the move fsm file and update the Makefile.Nélio Laranjeiro