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2013-05-02digital/beacon: remove uneeded commentsFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: manage ZB start_calibration commandFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: add debug command for ZBFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: rework of debug taskFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: calibration is done directly using reflectors on others beaconsFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: remap button into calibration_manual_task and add debug tracesFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: use get_uid() instead of #define for beaconIDFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: calibration SLOW scanning is depricatedFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: beacon2 angles doesn't need to be rebased anymoreFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: decrease the LASER_CONFIRMATION_OFFSET from 10 to 5Florent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: add position_get_beacon_angle() functionFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: add missing headerFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: add custo file to centralize beacon specific parametersFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: wave task is no more neededFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: increase target tolerance initial angleFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: change initial motor speedFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: display offset value when rebasingFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: fix imprecised rebasing when offset is too smallFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: add serial over zigbit featureFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: rework of zigbit network stackFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: rework main_avr.cFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: increase usart RXbuffer sizeFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: allow router connectionsFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: use generic send commandFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: fix unitialised variableFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: add manual calibration taskFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: slow down debug task frequencyFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: add fourth led for lol-v2 hardwareFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: init buttons for end-devicesFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: add buttons support for lol-v2 hardwareFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: reactivate function in main_avrFlorent Duchon
2013-03-28digital/beacon: modify network status led numberFlorent Duchon
2013-03-28digital/beacon: /dev/ttyUSB1 as define in makefile and add fuses ruleFlorent Duchon
2013-03-28digital/beacon: add API to compute my robot position from xyFlorent Duchon
2013-03-28digital/beacon: rework of opponents and apb robot structuresFlorent Duchon
2013-03-28digital/beacon: lol-v2: use uart0 instead of uart1Florent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: add network_specific headerFlorent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: activate pull-up on codewheel signalFlorent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: beacon UID is dynimally retrievedFlorent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: rework of main & debug_avr to use common functionsFlorent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: use common reset functionFlorent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: use common network stackFlorent Duchon
2013-03-16digital/{ai,asserv,beacon,io,mimot}: change the seq position in i2c statusNicolas Schodet
2013-02-13digital/beacon: use common uprintf functionFlorent Duchon
2013-02-13digital/beacon: remove obsolete bitcloud stackFlorent Duchon
2013-02-13digital/beacon: add bitcloud stack located into digital/zigbit/bitcloudFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: add debug network variable enableFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: delete unuseed traceFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: compute apb angles from io positions valuesFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: add apb robot position formula and check color before ↵Florent Duchon
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