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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-02digital/beacon: calibration is done directly using reflectors on others beaconsFlorent Duchon
2013-05-02digital/beacon: beacon2 angles doesn't need to be rebased anymoreFlorent Duchon
2013-04-23digital/beacon: use generic send commandFlorent Duchon
2013-02-13digital/beacon: use common uprintf functionFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: add initial angle filtering for rebaseFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: angle filteringFlorent Duchon
2012-05-16digital/beacon: read ICR3 directly when enterring in the interruptionFlorent Duchon
2012-05-16digital/beacon: sending angle managementFlorent Duchon
2012-05-16digital/beacon: improve laser angle confirmationFlorent Duchon
2012-05-16digital/beacon: Improve calibration state machineFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: use ICR3 only for angle computationFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: laser_engage_angle_confirmation() hanndles top 0 positionFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: new state machine into Zigbee sending IRQ vectorFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: disable interrupt at the end of ISR(TIMER3_COMPB_vect)Florent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: inhibit_angle_confirmation() must be called every timesFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: fix bad get_angle callFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: laser_get_angle can be returned in raw format or in degreeFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: when a reflector is detected for the very first time, request...Florent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: add comments & line feedFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: add get/set angle functions for laser structureFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: add laser structure describing statusFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: rename angle variable into virtual_angle in laser IRQFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: rename laser_inhibit_angle_sending() into laser_inhibit_angle...Florent Duchon
2012-04-21digital/beacon: use different debug files for simu or avr modeFlorent Duchon
2012-04-21digital/beacon: split sensors.* into codewheel.* & laser.* and modify dedicat...Florent Duchon