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2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: add flash ATMEL driverNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: flash sst driverNélio Laranjeiro
Modify flash source code to initialise the SPI interface and detect the flash type using JDEC. Once the JDEC is read the flash driver initialise functions pointers to pilot the flash memory. The final objective is to have several flash support.
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: flash host simulationNélio Laranjeiro
Add flash file access to be usable from flash stubs.
2009-06-17*digital/avr/modules/flash:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Coded a flash simulation for host.
2009-05-11* digital/avr/modules/flash: (Closes #68).Nélio Laranjeiro
* Removed the flash stub sub directory and add a real stub in file.
2008-02-24Added sources for the flash use. Not tested !Nélio Laranjeiro