AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2008-03-04 * digital/io/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- changed board version.
2008-03-04 * analog/alim/pcb, analog/motor-power-avr/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- replaced polyswitch.
2008-03-04 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added polyswitch library with larger drill holes.
2008-03-04 * digital/io/doc/proto_asserv.txtJérémy Dufour
- correct typo and others errors (thanks to ni).
2008-03-04 * digial/io/docJérémy Dufour
- add a document to describe the communication protocol between the asserv and io cards.
2008-03-04Updated code LEDs to be more explicit :Guillaume Chevillot
- 2 LEDs for each motor driver - First LED blinking at PWM frequency for dir. 0 - Second LED blinking at PWM frequency for dir. 1 - Both LEDs are off on HIGH Z - Both LEDs are on on brake
2008-03-04- Removed 'static' qualifier to 'main_loop'Guillaume Chevillot
- 'led_flash' function added to detect startup (thanks to Ni) - Temporary empty vectors for right side timer (timer2) added to prevent resets (right side code is not implmented yet)
2008-03-03Rename some files.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-03Correct errors.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-03Added the sub State machines of the AI.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-02- Fixed and improved outputs initializationsGuillaume Chevillot
- Use LEDs to show command status
2008-03-02 * digital/avr/modules/utils:Nicolas Schodet
- added utils_nop.
2008-03-02 * avr/modules/twiJérémy Dufour
- add a Makefile to help you build the test program.
2008-03-02Tested the flash init.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-02Added the AI main FSM.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-02 * digital/avr/modules/spi, digital/avr/modules/flash:Nicolas Schodet
- master should drive SS. - to receive, master should send something. - testing SPIF before the first sent does not work. - fixed flash test.
2008-03-02 * digital/dev/docJérémy Dufour
- add a quick documentation to use the development card.
2008-03-02 * avr/twi: add a test with multiples random bytes exchangeJérémy Dufour
- add on the master a test command to send multiples random bytes to a slave and check if we can read back the same data.
2008-03-01Update the spi and flash module.Nélio Laranjeiro
testing in progress...
2008-03-01 * TWI: modify to have a working test on cards:Jérémy Dufour
- work with one byte of data exchanged (master send a byte to slave then read it back); - does not manage when slave is not here (no timeout); - use more proto_ functions rather than uart_ ones; - support reset and unknown functions on both test programs; - update configurations to be compatible with the cards used for the test; - add comments.
2008-03-01 * digital/dev/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- larger drill holes for the jack connector.
2008-02-29A few modifications to replace uncommon capacitors by standard valuesPierre Prot
2008-02-29Updated feedback calculation for LM2931-ADJ linear regulationPierre Prot
2008-02-29Updated SEPIC feedback for adapting to LM248 architecturePierre Prot
2008-02-29Changed SEPIC controlerPierre Prot
- was : synchonous buck in voltage mode regulation (not stable for Vin < Vout) - is now : boost/sepic controler LM3488 with current mode regulation (easy to stabilise because current is 90° forward output voltage) - rerouting - some modifications in the silkscreen and explaination text
2008-02-29Changed the LDO regulation :Pierre Prot
- LM2931 replaced from 5V version to ADJ version - PWR_LED moved
2008-02-28 * digital/dev/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- routed.
2008-02-28 * digital/dev/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- moved components to make room to route.
2008-02-28Update the flash memory accesses.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-02-28 * digital/dev/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- added protection resistors. - fixed bad analog swicth polarity. - added PA7 jumper. - changed to phoenix 3.81.
2008-02-27 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added phoenix 3.81 library.
2008-02-27 * digital/avr/modules/uart:Nicolas Schodet
- tested on atmega16 and atmega32.
2008-02-26 * digital/asserv/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- changed CPLD package to a larger one.
2008-02-26 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- added a wider package.
2008-02-26 * tools/eagle/lbr:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed 4066 control pin polarity.
2008-02-24Added sources for the flash use. Not tested !Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-02-21Start writing the flash read and write functions.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-02-21Remove some unused function. The functionalities concerning the flash Nélio Laranjeiro
are now in the flash module.
2008-02-21Forget the init function.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-02-21Added the flash module only with the header file.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-02-14Added a function to request the a data from a addr. useful to read Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-02-14Use defines instead of magic numbers for motor command states.Guillaume Chevillot
2008-02-13Add IT handlers for PWM rising and falling edge and for current limitation.Guillaume Chevillot
2008-02-12Removed the test_host.Nélio Laranjeiro
Update the interruption function. Debugged the driver source file. Init tested.
2008-02-11Remove of test_mp in MakefileGuillaume Chevillot
2008-02-11TIMSK_LR_CFG define correctedGuillaume Chevillot
2008-02-11Add atmega16 supportGuillaume Chevillot
2008-02-11Found the good regv macro and use it.Guillaume Chevillot
2008-02-11Add ADC moduleGuillaume Chevillot
2008-02-11Define a regv macro to make it compile. It would be better to remove regv...Guillaume Chevillot