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@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ The ``-o`` option chooses the output method, the ``-d`` option gives your
automaton description, the ``-c`` option gives the output configuration file,
and the ``-p`` is the prefix, which is used to name output files.
-..warning: This is subject to change.
+.. warning:: This is subject to change.
@@ -170,7 +170,13 @@ and edit the copy. Next time, you will merge new elements to your version
The ``prefix.c`` file contains a function to be called each time en event
occurs. This function will run the corresponding transition callback and will
-check its return value.
+check its return value. Its return value should indicate the next state.
+Changing templates
+If the default output does not fit your needs, you can define your own
+templates. See ``ex2_tpl`` example.
Graphviz output
@@ -178,4 +184,4 @@ Graphviz output
Output name: ``dot``
There is currently no output configuration file. Run ``dot`` (from the
-Graphviz distribution to get a graphic output of the automaton.
+Graphviz distribution) to get a graphic output of the automaton.