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* digital/io/src:
- top FSM now try to get pucks from the ground even if something bad happen. This will prevent too much usage of distributor.
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diff --git a/digital/io/src/top.fsm b/digital/io/src/top.fsm
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--- a/digital/io/src/top.fsm
+++ b/digital/io/src/top.fsm
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ GET_PUCK_FROM_THE_GROUND:
get the next distributor position and launch move FSM to go there.
move_fsm_succeed: next_position_exists -> .
go to the next position using move FSM.
- move_fsm_failed -> GET_PUCK_FROM_DISTRIBUTOR
+ move_fsm_failed -> STOP_TO_GO_TO_UNLOAD_AREA
close cylinder.
we have failed to do a move, go the distributor (get next distributor and go
there with move FSM).