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* digital/io/src:
- rewrite init FSM: - set X, Y, A position when doing the fuck the wall movement (thanks to Fred for the idea and Ni for debugging), - for safety reason, the procedure requires to insert the jack, remove it, insert it again. The bot will wait 2 seconds and set himself to the start position. Then you can remove the jack to make the match begin. - update name of the define for the length of the table.
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diff --git a/digital/io/src/playground.h b/digital/io/src/playground.h
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--- a/digital/io/src/playground.h
+++ b/digital/io/src/playground.h
@@ -42,9 +42,9 @@
#define PG_WIDTH 3000
- * The height of the table, in millimeters.
+ * The length of the table, in millimeters.
-#define PG_HEIGHT 2100
+#define PG_LENGTH 2100
* The distance from table border for movements.