AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-01splitty:ni: revert to separated space and nav keysplitty-no-dualNicolas Schodet
2018-10-01splitty:ni: add function key over numpadNicolas Schodet
2018-07-28splitty:ni: move unlock keyNicolas Schodet
2018-07-26splitty:ni: exchange Enter and Backspace on right 1.5u keysNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: add ^P and ^N to navigation layerNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: add altgred keys shortcuts to lowerNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: use dual function keys again with sane config optionsNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: exchange alt and lower, move app to function layerNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: stop using dual role keysNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: add lower layer, move gui/app/num againNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: move g-tab, gui, num & appNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: swap ctrl/gui, add g-tab, add backspace to num layerNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty:ni: add nav lock, function layer, space ctrl, lower in num and ^WNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10splitty: add ni keymapNicolas Schodet
2018-07-10Add splitty keyboardNicolas Schodet
2018-07-09Correct conditional in mtdjr userspace (#3361)mtdjr
2018-07-09Fix header references for noxary 268 keyboard (#3359)Yan-Fa Li
2018-07-09Configurator Noxary 268: match dir nameYan-Fa Li
2018-07-09updating broken iris documentation links to match updated website (#3356)Wayne Chen
2018-07-09Al1 Configurator compile fix redux (#3357)MechMerlin
2018-07-09MxSS refactor and Configurator bugfix (#3355)noroadsleft
2018-07-09Initial Commit of Noxary 268 firmware by Rozakiin (#3351)Yan-Fa Li
2018-07-09AL1 Unable to Compile on Configurator (#3339)MechMerlin
2018-07-09Add Comet46 keyboard (#3342)satt99
2018-07-09Add h87a keyboard (#3329)Josh Hinnebusch
2018-07-09Merge pull request #3354 from drashna/shiny_dox_fixErez Zukerman
2018-07-08Turn backlight support on by default for tkc1800 (#3353)TerryMathews
2018-07-08Fixed MxSS ISO layouts in QMK configuator (hopefully) (#3352)MxBlu
2018-07-08Revert to RGB Underglow being enabled, rather than rgb matrixDrashna Jaelre
2018-07-08Re-add RGBW code, so RGB Underglow will compileDrashna Jaelre
2018-07-08Add edvorakjp keymap for the Helix (rev2) keyboard (#3340)epaew
2018-07-08Fixed issues with MxSS RGB functionality (#3341)MxBlu
2018-07-07Helix: Move definition of LAYOUT_kc to each revision. (#3333)epaew
2018-07-07Add MxSS keyboard (#3335)MxBlu
2018-07-07Configurator fix for Christmas Tree (#3338)noroadsleft
2018-07-07Instruct macos users to use avr-gcc@7 (#3337)Evan Travers
2018-07-07Added my Balance 12 layout for Atreus (#3336)yttyx
2018-07-07bugfix: Custom lock key for Windows (#3334)epaew
2018-07-07COD67 "Support" (#3332)MechMerlin
2018-07-07Fix a few minor formatting annoyances in WhiteFox (#3331)MechMerlin
2018-07-07Tetris Configurator support and Rules update (#3317)noroadsleft
2018-07-06True AL1 Support (#3330)MechMerlin
2018-07-06E6V2 LE Missing a Default Keymap (#3326)MechMerlin
2018-07-06impstyle keymap updated (#3328)zwnk
2018-07-06E6-V2 Last Edition (LE) Support (#3324)MechMerlin
2018-07-06Adding FireBazooka's Tada68 Keymap (#3322)FireBazooka
2018-07-06Add documentation for TAPPING_FORCE_HOLD (#2957) (#3320)Nicolas Schodet
2018-07-05Fix hyperlinks in ErgoDone (#3323)Brendan Wrafter
2018-07-05Cospad QMK Configurator support and refactor (#3319)MechMerlin
2018-07-05Unloved Bastard refactor and Configurator support (#3318)noroadsleft