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2013-01-17Include poll name in page titleHEADmasterNicolas Schodet
2012-09-15Fix missing calendar iconsNicolas Schodet
2011-10-26Correct urls.pyÉtienne Loks
2011-10-26Correct documentationÉtienne Loks
2011-10-25New style (green and Coenonympha pamphilus)Étienne Loks
2011-10-25Upgrade documentationÉtienne Loks
2011-10-25Update of documentationÉtienne Loks
2011-10-25Correct last references to BASE_SITE (refs #309) - Change documentation to Re...Étienne Loks
2011-10-25Allow disabling frontpage polls (closes #311)Étienne Loks
2011-10-25Limit comments by poll (closes #310)Étienne Loks
2011-10-25Correct hard link in templates and views (closes #309)Étienne Loks
2011-10-24South integration (closes #308) - settings improvementsÉtienne Loks
2011-01-13Correct the edition of polls - closes #293etienne
2010-07-22Minor: date formating (2)etienne
2010-07-22Minor: date formatingetienne
2010-06-08Cleaner management of settings.pyetienne
2010-06-08Update documentationetienne
2010-06-08Correct sort bugetienne
2010-06-08Correct urls.pyetienne
2010-04-29Correct main page templateetienne
2010-04-08Update the default settings to be correct with the documentation - Add the do...etienne
2010-03-27Rearrange directories - include documentationetienne
2009-12-28Correction of vote display in categoriesetienne
2009-12-28Simplification of base url management - 2etienne
2009-12-28Simplification of base url managementetienne
2009-12-15Correct click on translation bugetienne
2009-12-04Template cleaning - Vote page upgrade with new fonctionnalityetienne
2009-12-04Template cleaning - Simplification - Use of newformsetienne
2009-12-03Add tinyMCE editor for descriptionetienne
2009-12-03Cleaning forms/modelsetienne
2009-12-03Refactoring of the code - Using newforms - Change from ReST to markdownetienne
2009-07-03Administration improvmentetienne
2009-07-03Change from ReST to markdownetienne
2009-06-08Using newforms infor the create formetienne
2009-01-05Change of the position of the Participate buttonetienne
2009-01-05Update of the CSS for nicer display of poll with many choicesetienne
2008-12-17Corrections for W3C validationetienne
2008-12-16Improvement of syndicationetienne
2008-12-10Error on vote page when adding a new choice : correctionetienne
2008-12-09Base path configurationetienne
2008-12-09French translationetienne
2008-12-09Minor changes and errors on filesetienne
2008-12-08Erase old pollsetienne
2008-12-07Modifying limits - Reordering of choicesetienne
2008-12-07Adding settings.pyetienne
2008-12-07Migration to sqlite - Hide results to new votersetienne
2008-12-06Highlight prefered choice - Open/close a poll - Css modificationetienne
2008-12-05Update of the CSSetienne