apbteam.gitAPBTeamNicolas Schodet7 years
apbteam-stocks.gitAPBTeam stocksNicolas Schodet9 years
awesome-config.gitAwesome window manager configurationNicolas Schodet15 months
beancount-importers.gitBeancount importers for Credit AgricoleNicolas Schodet13 months
binwatch.gitBinary watchNicolas Schodet8 months
camicro.gitMicroscope camera viewerNicolas Schodet5 months
clock.gitMy Own Clocks, running on Adafruit HUZZAHNicolas Schodet16 months
cmsis.gitSTM CMSIS import for ucoolibNicolas Schodet12 months
moticam.gitProof of concept for Moticam 3+ microscope cameraNicolas Schodet13 months
nxt-firmware.gitWork on NXT Improved FirmwareNicolas Schodet8 years
papillon.gitHack on PapillonNicolas Schodet8 years
pinmap.gitHelp with pin assignment on STM32Nicolas Schodet17 months
propellor.gitHack on PropellorNicolas Schodet3 months
qmk_firmware.gitHack on QMKNicolas Schodet19 months
tmdblookup.gitQuick lookup on TheMovieDBNicolas Schodet14 months
ucoolib.gitMicrocontroller object oriented libraryNicolas Schodet12 months
usbdump.gitHack on usbdump, simple usbmon dumperNicolas Schodet13 months
nxt-firmware.gitNXT Improved Firmware, see Schodet8 years
ppsnapback.gitPush or pull snapshot backups using rsyncNicolas Schodet10 years
pyfantom.gitPython binding to Fantom libraryNicolas Schodet4 years
splitty.gitSplitty ergonomic keyboardNicolas Schodet9 months
awesome.git[no description]Nicolas Schodet
leocad-old.git[no description]Nicolas Schodet